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The free equestrian app that keeps you on the path to a winning season with the tools and information you need to prepare for events, track training and stay on top of your horse’s health – all in one place.

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Create a profile for your horse

Registration numbers. Coggins. Health records. All those important details, all at your fingertips.

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Set up a training schedule

Then record activity with the app or enter sessions manually. Use the dashboard to track activity, and see how every small victory leads to a winning season.

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Keep track of show details and results

From dates and hotel reservations, to tests and patterns, to places and points.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ride to Win available for Android devices?

Currently Ride to Win is only available for iPhone 5C and later.

How can I change my notifications?

Change notifications by selecting the menu, then click on settings and select push notifications. Swipe to turn on or off. You can also manage notifications from your phone’s Settings menu.

How do I set a training goal?

Set a training goal by selecting the plus button in the top right corner. Select “Add Training.” Then, select your horse (if you have more than one), date of training, how long you want to ride and any notes, such as what you want to work on that day.

What does the blue stopwatch do?

The blue stopwatch opens the Ride to Win training tracker. You can time your ride using this stopwatch and save with notes to easily create a training record for that day.

How do I set a competitive goal?

Set a competitive goal by selecting the plus button in the top right corner. Choose “Add Goal.” From there, select the event you’ll be attending and the horse you will ride. You can also select the discipline and type of goal you want to achieve: get a place, receive a score or points, or achieve a time.

You can also add goals from your “Events.” Go to the calendar and select the desired event. Then select the “Goals” tab on the details page and select the “Add Goal/Class” button. Follow the prompts to select the horse, discipline, type of goal and class time.


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